Saturday, 27 December 2014

Medlink Students Review ( Studying medicine in Romania

This is unrelated but I think it's necessary. When I first found this company on TheStudentRoom I was sceptical and thought it was a scam because I couldn't find any reviews anywhere, so I'd like to give people a perspective on my experience.

It has been my dream for as long as I remember to be a doctor, however my A-level grades were not competitive enough for studying medicine in my home country (the UK). I was crushed so I began searching online for alternatives and found a company called "Medlink Students" which got me very curious, and I was hopeful again that I could achieve my dream job. 

I contacted them and told them my grades; CCC, which seemed to reach the minimum requirement. I then filled up the application form and perfected my personal statement. I got a reply one day after and they were very helpful. They gave me some advice on how to make my personal statement more appealing and suggested some improvements. Once everything was perfect, I was asked if I had spoken to one of the students currently going through this program and I said no, so they said they'll get someone to call me. I spoke to a  British second year medical student called Jack, who described the Romanian university and the course, student life, and the city and ofcourse I had to ask about the night life! Everything sounded amazing and I was so excited. So I agreed to enter the next stage of the process.

All this was free of charge until now, which is when they asked me for a fee of £1500 that would cover the university's application fee, translation, accommodation, a tour around the city & uni, and academic mentoring in my first year. I discussed it with my parents who were sceptical at first so we arranged to meet someone at the bank who said that if it was a registered company, my money was protected and then they checked the Companies House UK gov website and confirmed that it was listed. So we decided to send the payment and I was feeling both scared and excited. 

Thankfully it all worked out and I've now been in Craiova, Romania for 2 years. It has been the most challenging and life changing experience I've ever had. I love the city and the people here. During the first 2 weeks of being here, I felt overwhelmed, but the Medlink student (Jack) helped me settle in and and integrate. They gave me personal and academic advice when I needed it. I'm still in contact with my advisor, who helped me when I first came here, we study together sometimes. He introduced me to many other international students who went through this process already, which helped me meet more people and make friends more easily.

The course has been great and I'm enjoying it so much, it's taught in English, but I've started learning Romanian - it's a fairly easy language and  has helped me make loads of friends - even though most people here speak English anyway! Overall, I loved it and I've had an amazing experience, it's made me a stronger person and gave me the opportunity to study what I love. I would recommend it.

I'm not paid to say any of this and I have no association with the company ,I'm just happy that this opportunity was available to me and would like more people to know about the opportunity of studying medicine in Romania via a trusted company. If you have any questions, fire up!


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Evolution and Islam: The story of Adam and Eve and The Ape

Hello, I have noticed a lot of Muslims are intimidated by the topic of Evolution due to ignorance. I understand the feeling because I used to get nervous when someone would bring it up to challenge my beloved religion. However, after studying it at university, I love to talk about it and it makes me feel great that finally my doubts have been removed because the puzzle finally fits together.

Here's a short synopsis of my opinion on how Evolution fits perfectly with Islamic beliefs.

If Homo-Erectus, Homo-Neanderthals and Denisovans (species that are similar to us; modern humans) were the result of over 4.5 billion years of Evolution, it doesn't mean homo-sapiens (modern humans) had anything to do with that.
Adam and Eve were put on earth while other 'Homo' species were still evolving. Adam and Eve's descendants reproduced with other Homo species which were alive at the time. Since those Homo species have a common ancestor with apes, this explains the link between us and apes.

Don't worry if you're lost, I'll explain this below.

This applies to all the Homo species (that we know of so far) that existed at the same time as Homo-sapiens. Below is a (slightly edited to accommodate the above "hypothesis") family tree of the four groups of early humans living in Eurasia 50,000 years ago and the gene flow between the groups due to interbreeding. [Source]

1.5-2.1% of our genes can be dated back to Neanderthals, from when they interbred with homo-sapiens (Adam and Eve's descendants). Denisovans also passed on 6% of their genes to Homo-sapiens. Hence, since Neanderthals and Denisovans are genetically cousins to apes, they passed on those genes to the modern humans; Homo-sapiens. This explains why the modern humans' genes are similar to apes. It is hypothesised that there could be potentially more Homo species that interbred with the modern humans, but scientists have yet to find out more about them!

To sum it all up in one sentence, our genes are related to apes, because our early ancestors interbred or 'mixed their genes' with species who already had a common ancestor with apes.